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We Are The Dark Side

You'll notice the home page collage is not at all owned by me. It's a collage of my favorite things, and that is ultimately what this blog is about. This site is about sharing my favorite things with you, and that small collage on the home page is just a fraction of what I want to share with you. 

What we're offering in Dark Corners is a glimpse into the every day life of Geek Culture. Our persuits are myriad, from Steampunk to Horror, from Heavy Metal to Star Wars, from tattoos and body modification to media reviews. We're interested in what lays in the shadows at the intersection of non-euclidian angles. We're interested in bringing you the latest in Fantasy Fiction, Horror Fiction, and Science Fiction, but we're also interested in bringing you closer to up and coming artists and indie legends.

Most importantly, we're here to rock out with our nerd out, to let our nerd flag fly, and to steep ourselves in the Geek Culture, the Tattoo Culture, and any and every culture in an honest and open forum that has something for everyone, though it may not always be for the faint of heart. We appreciate all of our readers old and new. 

I've been writing since I was 14. I started The Squealing Nerd in 2011, and one of these days, I'll finish a novel. No promises that it'll be good, but it'll be finished. I'm currently living in the heart of all things awesome, Austin, Texas. I have a BA in English, and I work in the automotive industry trying to lend my own style to social media administration and content marketing.